Adding the Required Syllabus Acknowledgement Folder to Your Schoology Course

These instructions will show you how to import the Syllabus Acknowledgment Folder into Schoology and setup Completion Rules.

Note:  Southwest Tech requires all courses to have a Syllabus Acknowledgement Folder in their courses.  Students are required to complete the Acknowledgement Quiz in this folder before they are allowed to begin working in the course.  IAL has created the Folder/Quiz and placed it in the Southwest Tech Standard Template group in Schoology.  All you have to do is import the folder from resources.  A reminder that in addition to the new Syllabus Acknowledgement Folder, the Schoology template includes the Student and Faculty Resources Folder, Course Syllabus and Information Folder, Course Work Folder, and Charley’s Corner; and should be structured as follows:
Southwest Tech Schoology Standard Template

If you have already imported the Schoology Standard Template, all you have to do is import the new Syllabus Acknowledgement Folder from Resources.  If you haven’t brought in the template yet, you can do so by following the steps below.

  1. Open one of your Schoology Classes
  2. Click the Add Materials Button
  3. Choose Import from Resources
    Schoology Add Materials and Import from Resources
  4. In the Import from Resources box, select Group on the left hand side and choose Southwest Standard Template.  
  5. Select the box to the left of the Syllabus Acknowledgement folder.
    NOTE: if you have not imported any of the template folders yet, select the checkbox next to each required folder. (Student and Faculty Resources Folder, Course Syllabus and Information Folder, Course Work, and Charley’s Corner in addition to the Syllabus Acknowledgment Folder).
    Schoology Import from Resources Dialog Box shows where to find Group Resources and the Southwest Tech Standard Template Folders
  6. Click the Import Button
  7. Click Import again
    Click the Import Button to bring the selected resources into a Schoology class.NOTE: If you only brought in the Syllabus Acknowledgement Form because you already had the other folders in the course, the folder will be located at the bottom (as shown in the screenshot below). You can move it above the Course Work folder by clicking the Move option shown in the image below.
    Schoology - Move a Folder
    NOTE: Now that the Syllabus Acknowledgement Folder is located above the Course Work Folder, you can set the completion rules
  8. Select the Options Button located above the folders.
  9. Select Student Completion.
    Schoology Options Student Completion Rules
  10. In the Student Completion box, click the Add Requirement link one time (Do NOT click on the Make all folders sequential link).
    Schoology Set Student Completion Rules Dialog Box
  11. Your screen should now look like the image below.  
    Schoology Set Student Completion Rules
  12. Click the dropdown arrow next to the first folder and select Syllabus Acknowledgement must Complete. 
    (This setting will require the students to complete the Syllabus Acknowledgement BEFORE they are able to open the Course Work Folder)
    Schoology Set Student Completion Rules Syllabus
  13. Click Save Changes

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