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SWTC Cybersecurity Training

This document outlines the access and use of the SANS Litmos Cybersecurity training platform.

Signing In

The Litmos platform uses SSO (Single-sign on) to authenticate with your current SWTC NetID account. 

Staff/Faculty Access

To begin, log into Schoology and navigate to the Staff Training section by selecting on Courses from the top menu.


Next, select the Staff Training (FERPA+) course from the list and navigate to the Cybersecurity Training folder.



Finally, click on the Cybersecurity Training link and you will be redirected to the training platform login page were you will be prompted to enter your SWTC credentials (if you are not already logged in to another Office 365 service).


Your account will automatically be logged out after 2 hours of inactivity. To log back in, select the SSO Login from the login screen.


Student Access

To begin, visit Enter your SWTC student email address and password to authenticate. 

Learner Dashboard

When you arrive at the home page, there are a number of visuals to assist with your Cybersecurity training. 


On the left of the page is the Learner menu.


  • Home brings the Learner back to the default screen shown upon logging in. 
  • Content Library shows other courses not assigned, but available for the Learner to enroll in and complete. 
  • Achievements show progress and gamification badges the Learner has earned through completion of training. 
  • Live Sessions are live, hosted training sessions with ITS (Information Technology Services) or external vendors. 
  • Collapse Menu shrinks the Learner menu so only the icons are displayed. 

In the middle of the screen is learner progress at a glance. You will be shown quick progress metrics based on assigned courses and required completion dates.


Below the learner progress at a glance visual is the assigned courses visual. This will display all assigned courses and learning paths by default and can be opened to begin or resume progress from this location. A learning path is a group of courses that have been assigned based on similar relevance and can be accessed from one location. The default visual will display All courses or learning paths that have been assigned. 


To the right of the course listing visual is a display of recently earned achievements based on course completion. This will only show the most recent achievement. For a full list of achievements, visit the Achievements tab on the left side Learner menu. 


To the far right of the screen is the Leaderboard. This is a visual representation of badges and points that have been earned by Learners. As courses are completed, points and badges will be earned and Learners will populate the global leaderboard. Additional points and badges can be earned for completing supplemental (optional) learning material. 


Learning Path and Course Access

When you access a learning path or course, you will be redirected to the learning path or course page. You will see all learning path courses each with a completion percentage to the right of the title. A learning path completion percentage will be displayed in the top right corner of the page. Courses can be selected manually, or you can select Continue this learning path to pick up where you left off. 

  • Training is broken up into Courses which are self-contained topics e.g. Malware, Passwords, Social Networks, etc...
  • A module is another training activity that is related to the course topic e.g. Host Led Password Training, Multi-Factor Password Authentication Training, etc... 


When a course loads, you may be prompted to select a language. Your choice will be remembered for subsequent courses. The course title will be displayed in the top left of the screen. Select the play arrow on the video to begin. A 3 question quiz will be given to the learner at the end of the training. In order to complete the quiz and proceed, all three questions must be answered correctly. If a question is answered incorrectly, the quiz can be retaken until 100% compliance has been met.

After a course is completed, you can select Next Module to proceed to the next module in the course (if applicable) or select Exit to go back to the learning path page. If no other modules are present, the next module button will revert you back to the learning path page as well.


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