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Student Email FAQ

This document provides information and troubleshooting for common issues with student email access.

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How do I sign into my email account?

Navigate to and sign in with your Southwest Tech student email address and password.

How do I reset my email password?

Your email password is the same as the password for logging into the MySWTC Student Portal and Schoology.

For instructions on resetting your password, visit the following KB page: Account - Password Reset 

How do I access email on my phone?

In order to view your emails on a mobile device, ITS recommends downloading the official Microsoft Outlook app from your app store (iOS App Store for iPhone and Google Play Store for Android) and adding your account ("username" and password) to the app.

To access your Office 365 email on a mobile device, please refer to Microsoft's official documentation for setup and configuration on various mobile devices.

Outlook for iOS - A quick overview guide of Outlook for iOS. Download Outlook for iOS from the Apple App Store.

Outlook for Android - A quick overview guide of Outlook for Android. Download Outlook for Android from the Google Play Store.

When logging in, I receive a message that I don't have a mailbox or license assigned.

Due to the way the student email is redirected from your MySWTC Student Portal, you may encounter a message like the one shown below:

SWTC Student email error message

This is most commonly caused by another Microsoft account that is currently logged in on your browsing session. Even if you do not have an active Microsoft account page open, your credentials may have been preserved (such as when the Stay signed in? feature is selected). To sign out of other Office 365 accounts, click here.

The easiest way to test if you're logged into another account is by opening a new Private browsing window. Navigate to the settings menu in your browser window, found in top right corner.

Internet browser settings menu

From the new, Private window. Navigate back to the MySWTC Student Portal and log in. Open the email link from the Student Portal and sign in. If your login is successful, that means there is another Microsoft account signed in on your browsing session, preventing your student email from opening properly.

To access student email going forward: either sign out of your other Microsoft account, use the InPrivate browsing method from above, or access your student email on a separate device.

How long do I have access to my student email?

As long as you remain an eligible student, you will have access to your SWTC student email account.

If you have graduated or unenrolled from the college, your SWTC student email account will remain active for two (2) consecutive semesters after your departure. In this case, Information Technology Services will deliver important information regarding data backup and migration to your current student email inbox prior to your account removal. 

I signed up for services with my student email address and no longer have access to my SWTC student email.

Please contact the service in question and inquire about changing your email account if you have lost access.

In the event that you are still unable to recover data and need to regain access to your SWTC student email, please contact the Charger Technology Support Center.

Does SWTC provide alumni email accounts?

No. At this time, SWTC does not offer persistent email access after gratuation.

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