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Sage 50 - Software Install

This document shows students how to install Sage 50 on their student laptops.
  1. Apply for a Sage 50 student license: Sage 50 License

  2. Fill out all of the fields on Step 2 of the "Register for student activation codes" window and then click "Next".


  3. Fill out the required fields on "Step 3".
    Use your Southwest Tech email for the Email Address.
    Phone, address, and city are optional and don't need to be filled out.
    For "Product Needed", your instructor will provide you with the version to select.
    Agree to the terms and then click "Submit".


  4. Once submitted you will receive a message saying you'll receive an email with more information.


  5. Check your student email and find the email from Sage 50. It will provide you with the activation code required to activate the software. This will be used in a later step.

  6. Download Sage 50 from the following link: Sage 50 Download.
    Under the "Sage 50 Accounting" section, download the same version you selected in Step 3.

  7. Sage 50 will begin downloading. The Sage 50 software is large and may take some time to download based on your connection speed. Once the software has been downloaded, open the installer.


  8. Once the installer appears, click "Install".

  9. Click "Install".


  10. Select "Next".

  11. Agree to the terms and then click "Next".

  12. Click "Next"

  13. Enter in the serial number provided in your email and then click "Next".

  14. Leave "Yes" selected and then click "Next".

  15. Click "Install".

  16. Sage 50 will begin installing.

  17. Click "Finish".


  18. Open Sage 50 from the desktop or Start Menu.


  19. Once Sage 50 is open, click "Help" on the top menu and then select "Sage 50 Activation, Licensing, and Subscription Options"

  20. Select "Activate Online Now". If instead, you see a message saying "Sage 50 Complete Accounting - Educational Version is currently activated" you can close out of the window and skip to step 18.

  21. Sage 50 will activate online.

  22. Once the activation is complete, click "OK".

  23. Sage 50 is now activated and ready to use.

Display Issues? If Sage 50 is not displaying content properly in the application follow the steps below.
  1. Right-click anywhere on your desktop and select "Display Settings".


  2. Under “Scale and layout”, set “Change the size of text, apps, and other items” to “100%”.


  3. Restart the computer or log out of the computer to the sign-in screen and sign back in.

  4. If items are too small and hard to read after making that change go back into the Display Settings by following Step 1 again. Change the "Display Resolution" to "1280x720".

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