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Adding Email Addresses to Safe Senders List - Outlook

This document outlines the procedure for adding email addresses to your Outlook Safe Senders list.

Occasionally, email is flagged and quarantined based on who the sender is. While the user is able to release messages to their inbox from quarantine, if an email is received from that same sender in the future, it is, again, quarantined. To remedy this, users can add these addresses to their Safe Senders list in Outlook.

1. To begin, open Outlook and verify you are on the Home tab in the menu ribbon.


2. Highlight (select) the email that you would like to add to the Safe Senders list. 

3. With the email selected, navigate above to the Delete menu box, select the Junk options menu to view the options. 



There are 4 quick options:

  • Block Sender (you will never receive email in your inbox from this address)
  • Never Block Sender (you will receive email in your inbox from this address)
  • Never Block Sender's Domain (any email that comes from the address will arrive in your inbox)
  • Never Block this Group or Mailing List (emails sent to this distribution list will be treated as safe)

4. Once the email is highlighted, select the appropriate action to add to the Safe Senders list, either choose Never Block Sender, or Never Block Sender's Domain if you want to receive all communication from that particular domain ( 

5. You will receive a confirmation that that address has been added to your Safe Senders list and future emails from that address will now arrive in your inbox.


6. Optionally, you can navigate back to the Junk menu and select Junk E-mail Options (the bottom option). Here you can navigate to the Safe Senders tab and manually add email addresses if you prefer.


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