Microsoft Edge - Overview

The document will provide an overview of Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Edge brings you performance, security, and privacy, all in one browser. Browse the web anywhere with one seamless experience from your phone to your computer and other signed-in devices.

The latest version of Microsoft Edge is built off Chromium (Google Chrome). Edge feels like Google Chrome which you may already be familiar with, but has the benefits of Microsoft's integrated features like syncing settings and favorites across multiple devices.

Going forward Microsoft Edge will be the preferred browser at Southwest Tech. When a machine is re-imaged or replaced it will only come with Microsoft Edge installed. ITS will no longer backup data from other browsers when re-imaging or replacing hardware so it is highly advised you switch over to Edge to ensure syncing is enabled so your Favorites are not lost.

Data Backup/Syncing

Campus devices logged in Staff/Faculty accounts are configured to automatically sign into Edge with user NetID and sync data. Although it should automatically sign in to sync, please double check to verify sync is on. Currently Edge syncs Favorites, Settings, Addresses, Passwords, Extensions, and Collections. This keeps your data securely stored on the cloud and prevents the loss of data due to a hardware failure or virus. Another added benefit is any machine that you sign into Edge with will immediately synchronize those settings, so you have the same experience not matter what device you are on.

Verify that you are signed in to ensure your profile is syncing. Click the profile icon in the top right to check the sync status.

If syncing is enabled, you will see a message stating "Sync is on". If not, it will state "Not syncing".

Image showing sync enabled Image showing sync disabled

If you are not syncing select "Complete sign in".

Image showing the complete sign in screen

Select the "Work or school account".

Image showing the select work or school account page

Edge show now begin syncing your profile and the status will update.

Image showing sync is on


The latest version of Edge includes its own extensions store to add additional features. There are many extensions available through the Microsoft Edge Add-ons website that you would find available in other browsers. If you have a favorite extension that's not available in Edge Add-on website, Edge allows you install extensions from the Google Chrome web store as well.

Importing Favorites/Bookmarks

  1. Open Microsoft Edge.

  2. In the top right corner of Edge, click the three dots (...) and then select "Settings".


  3. On the settings page, click "Import browser data".


  4. In the "Import browser data" window you will be presented with options on where and what to import. In the "Import from" drop-down select your browser you would like import from. Under "Choose what to import" make sure "Favorites or bookmarks" is selected and then click "Import".

    You may select other data to import if you would like to transfer that too. You may also import data from multiple browsers by repeating this step for other browsers.
    When importing from Chrome you will also need to select the appropriate "Profile".




    Firefox Firefox


    IE11.png Internet Explorer


  5. After you're done importing you will see your Favorites in the toolbar. You can also find them by selecting the "Favorites" button in the top right corner of Edge.

    Imported.pngFavorites Toolbar
    FavoritesButton.pngFavorites Button


I prefer Chrome or Firefox. Can I still use them?

While it's strongly suggested that you use Edge for its many benefits, you can continue to use Chrome or Firefox. Installation of these browsers will be available through the Company Portal. Be aware that data from those browsers will not be transferred on re-imaging of your machine or hardware/software issues.