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Schoology Login Error - Could not validate authentication state

This document outlines the cause of a common Schoology login error and provides steps to log in successfully.

Schoology Login Error Overview

Schoology login error

When attempting to access Schoology with a non-SWTC Microsoft account, the error shown above will appear on your screen. Due to a Microsoft policy, only one Microsoft account can be active in a web browser at a time.

Successful Authentication Steps

To successfully sign in refer to the following steps below. 

1. Modern web browsers include private/incognito browsing functionality which allows the user to browse the internet as if it were the first time doing so.

To open your browser's private browsing mode, in your web browser, navigate to the browser settings menu (typically located in the top right corner on Windows devices, number 1 in the image below). After the menu opens, select New InPrivate/incognito window"

Edge Private Browsing Access

2. The new private browsing window will open and will not remember any previously saved credentials. 

Microsoft Edge Private Browsing Window

3. In the address bar, navigate back to the Southwest Tech website (, number 1 on the image below). On the SWTC website header, locate the Schoology icon and click on it to launch the Schoology website (number 2 on the image below).

SWTC Website Header

4. The Schoology login page will load and display a Microsoft Sign in prompt. Enter the SWTC student email address and password (same password used to log into the MySWTC Student Portal). 

Schoology Website Login

5. Once authenticated, Schoology will load in the correct user context.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I forget my login information or can't authenticate with my multi-factor authentication method?
    If issues arise during sign-in or multi-factor authentication verification, please refer to the [Link for document 82541 is unavailable at this time] and the Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) - Overview guides. 

  • What if I can't use private browsing mode on my device? 
    In lieu of private browsing mode, there are two additional options.

    1. You can use a different web browser that is not signed in with another Microsoft account.
    2. You can sign out of the current associated Microsoft account.

    If you are unable to find where to sign out, you can use this link to force Microsoft account sign out: Sign out of all Microsoft accounts

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