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Schoology - Program Outcome Data in Schoology (POM Report)

This article shows you how to access the Mastery Tool inside of Schoology to review Program Outcome data in the even that your Program Outcome Report is not available on the HUB.

This article assumes that you know which of your Schoology courses have been identified in your Program Outcome Matrix in WIDS and that you have built your "Schoology Bridges" and are actively collecting data.

You can access directions on creating your Program Outcome Matrix via WIDS by clicking the link below:

WIDS - How to create a Program Outcome Matrix

  1. Click Courses then My Courses to access your course (you will most likely have to navigate to the Archive

  1. Find the course/courses that have your Schoology Bridges created in them.
  2. Click on the Mastery Tool (Left Side menu)


4. If you have Schoology Bridges created for this course they will show up on this screen with scores for all students


    1. Note: If nothing is present or if scores are not displayed you may have to do one or all of the following:
      1. Edit the Assignment(s) for Category or Period
      2. Publish the Assignment
      3. Make sure the Assignment with the Schoology Bridges is still present in the class

5. You can also use the Mastery Settings to change some settings in an effort to better understand your data


6. You can change the following settings in Mastery

  1. % to Meet Expectations
  2. % to Exceeds Expectations
  3. Mastery Scale (Numeric Recommended)


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