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MFA - FIDO2 USB Key Setup

This document explains how to set up the Hyperfido Pro USB Key for MFA in Microsoft Azure

Hyper FIDO Pro Mini USB Key Setup for Microsoft Multi-factor Authentication (MFA).  These USB security keys can be purchased in the Charger Bookstore.  Although other USB security keys may work, these instructions are set up specifically for the Hyper Fido Pro Mini USB Key.

These instructions will not work if:

  • You already have MFA set up on your account but you are no longer able to access your phone.
  • You want to set this up on a brand new account that was just created.

If you fall into either of these situations you will need to contact the Charger Technology Support Center at 608-822-4357.

For users who have access to their phone and can authenticate using MFA to their account, please follow the directions below:

  1. Open your internet browser on your computer and go to: 

  2. You will need to sign into your Southwest Tech account using your email and password and then use your current form of multi-factor authentication.

  3. Select "Add a Sign-In Method".

  4. Click the drop-down arrow on the right and select "Security Key" and then click "Add".

  5. Select "USB device".

  6. Insert your USB key into the USB port on your computer and select "Next".

  7. Select "Use a Different Device".

  8. Select "Windows Hello or external security key".

  9. Select "OK".

  10. Select "OK".

  11. Now press the button on the end of the USB device that you have inserted into your computer. It will be flashing green.

  12. Next you will create a Security Key Pin. This pin can be no less than 4 numbers. You will need to type this PIN twice and they must match. Make it something that you will remember as you will need this pin when using the USB device for multi-factor authentication. Once entered twice, select "OK".

  13. Now press the button on the end of the USB device that you have inserted into your computer. It will be flashing green.

  14. Give your security key a name (Ex. "John Security Key") and then select "Next".

  15. Select "Done".

  16. If this is the only form of multi-factor authentication then you have completed all of the steps needed for your account. If you also have a phone and/or the Microsoft Authenticator app then you can select your new USB device to be your default sign-in method. After clicking done on the previous step you will be back to the main Security Info screen. From here, next to the "Default sign-in method", select "Change".

  17. Select the dropdown arrow and then choose "App Based authentication or hardware token - code" and then select "Confirm".

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