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Email - Encrypt Outgoing Emails (Staff/Faculty)

This document shows faculty and staff how to use Southwest Tech's email system to encrypt outgoing emails.
Encrypting emails can useful when sending sensitive information such as financial data.

Internal Email Address - All internal (staff and faculty) email that is sent from your email address to someone with a email address is already encrypted.

External Email Address - If you need to encrypt an email to someone that doesn’t have email address (such as,, etc.) follow the steps below:

Method 1: Add the word “Encrypt” in the subject line of your email. Adding "Encrypt" to the subject line will automatically encrypt the email. This is also the best practice method for sending encrypted email from webmail and the Outlook mobile application.

Screenshot of an example email with "Encrypt" in the subject line 

Method 2: Draft a new email. In the menu ribbon, select Options > Permission > Encrypt-Only



A message will appear above the send button stating that the email is now encrypted.


Southwest Tech’s email system will encrypt the email and send the user a link to open the encrypted email. The email they receive will be sent from “” with the subject you entered.


The recipient will need to click the Read the message button to proceed. Depending on their email service, they will be prompted to sign in with their email credentials to view the message. The example below was sent to a user's Gmail address.


Alternatively, the user can opt to have a one-time passcode sent to their email to authenticate. 


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