Zoom - Record your Zoom Meeting

This document will show you how to record your Zoom meeting.

Recording Zoom meetings to the Cloud will save your recording to the Zoom website where the video can be shared or downloaded.
  1. In your Zoom meeting click “Record” on the bottom toolbar and then click “Record to the Cloud” to begin the recording.

    Faculty: Please note that faculty accounts will only be able to record to the computer.  If you are a faculty member recording a class please contact the Innovative & Alternative Learning (IAL) department about how to handle your recordings.

  2. You can verify the Zoom meeting is recording when you see the “Recording…” bar in the top left and when the “Record” button changes to “Pause/Stop Recording”.

  3. When you are done with the recording you can either click the “Stop Recording” button on the bottom toolbar or “End Meeting”.  You will receive an email from Zoom after your recording is done processing and ready view/share.  This may take a little while depending on how long your meeting was.

    Note: If you “Record on this Computer” it will save the files to your “My Documents” folder on the local PC.  This is an alternative place to record but it should be noted that the recording will only exist locally on your computer.  This method of recording is not recommended for any important meetings that you can’t afford to lose or if it needs to be shared.