Office 365 - Install Office 365 on your Personal Computer (Windows/Mac)

This document will show students, faculty, and staff how to install Office 2016 on their personal computer.

What is Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is a full, installed Office experience including the latest system-specific versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Lync, and Access, available to students and staff for free.

Who Can Install Office 365?

Students currently enrolled in classes and staff are eligible to download and use the product. Once a student graduates or is no longer taking classes, or staff employment has ended, they are no longer eligible for the program and the license will be removed. Unlicensed users will still be able to access and print files, but will not be able to install new instances of Office 365 or be able to create, save, or edit files.

Where Can I Install It?

Each eligible user can install Office 365 on up to 5 computers (Windows PC or Mac) and up to 5 mobile devices (Windows, Apple iPhone and iPad, Android). An internet connection is required every 30 days to verify you are still eligible for the program. Please see Microsoft for the latest system requirements.

Install Instructions


The video guide below shows students how to install Office 365 on a PC.  Staff/Faculty and Mac users should check the "Step-by-Step Instructions" below for additional instructions.  PC users can also follow the "Step-by-Step Instructions" below instead of the video.

This video is best viewed in full screen with 1080p resolution.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Instructions for Uninstalling Other Versions of Office:

Faculty/Staff begin at Step 5.
  1. Sign up for a Microsoft account using your Southwest Tech email.  You must use your Southwest Tech email address to sign up (ex.

  2. Log into your student email and open the email from the Office 365 to get your verification code.

  3. Complete Office 365 Education signup by entering your name, creating a password, and entering your verification code to create a Microsoft account.

  4. Click "Skip" on the send invitations page.

  5. You will be redirected to the Office 365 website.  If not, log into the Office 365 website at using your Microsoft credentials you created in the previous steps or your faculty/staff credentials.

  6. Click "Install Office apps" and then "Office 365".

  7. When the download is complete, run the "Office Setup" file you just downloaded.

  8. Select your operating system below for instructions on how to finish the installation.

Windows Logo Windows

  1. If prompted, click "Yes" on the "User Account Control" window.

  2. Office 2016 will now download and install.  Please be patient as this can be a large download and long installation depending on your computer and internet speed.

  3. When the installation is complete, click "Close".

  4. The first time you open an Office application you will be prompted to accept the license agreement.  Click "Accept and start Word".

Mac Logo Mac

  1. On the "Introduction" step, lick "Continue" .

  2. On the "License" step, click "Continue".

  3. On the "Installation Type" step, click "Install".

  4. Wait for the installation to complete.  Please be patient because Office may take some time to install.

  5. After the installation is complete, click "Close".

  6. Unless you want to keep the installer (which can be re-downloaded at any time), click "Move to Trash" to delete it.

  7. The installation of Office is now complete.  When you open one of the Office programs, such as Microsoft Word, you will get a "What's New in Word" screen.  Click "Get Started" to open the program.

  8.  You will now need to sign in with your Microsoft Account to activate Office.  Click "Sign In" at the Active Office screen.

  9. Enter in your student email (ex. and then click "Next".

  10. Enter in the password for your Microsoft Account that you created in Step 3 and click "Sign in".

  11. Wait for the license to activate.

  12. On the "How would you like Office to look" screen, click "Continue".  If you would prefer, you can change the theme from "Colorful" to "Classic".

  13. Setup and activation is now complete.  Click "Start Using Word" to finish.