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Phone - Overview (Mitel 5330)

This document will go over the basic phone functionality and features of the Mitel 5330 IP Phone.

Dialing Extensions/Phone Numbers

To dial an extension, you enter in the extension on the keypad.  For example, if you needed to call extension 4357, you would dial 4357.

To dial an outside number, you must dial 9 first, and then the rest of the number on the keypad.  For example, if you needed to call 1-555-555-5555, you would need to dial 9-1-555-555-5555.


Voicemail messages are emailed to your Southwest email address.  You will receive an email with an audio file of the voicemail that you can listen to on your computer. See "Phone - Voicemail Overview " for more information on voicemail.

Visual Overview

Mitel 5330 IP Phone

 1) Display Provides a large, high-resolution viewing area that assists you in selecting and using phone features.
 2) Ring/Message Indicator Flashes to signal an incoming call and to indicate a message waiting in your voice mailbox.
 3) Volume, Speaker and Mute Controls Provide the following audio control capability:
  •  (UP) and  (DOWN) provide volume control for the ringer, handset, and handsfree speakers.
  •  (SPEAKER) enables and disables Handsfree mode.
  •  (MUTE) enables Mute, which allows you to temporarily turn your phone's handset, headset or handsfree microphone off during a call.
 4) Fixed Function Function Give you access to the following phone functions:
  •  (SETTINGS) : provides access to menus for your phone's additional features.
  •  (CANCEL) : ends a call when pressed during the call, and, when you are programming the phone, eliminates any input and returns to the previous menu level.
  •  (REDIAL) : calls the last number dialed.
  •  (HOLD) : places the current call on hold.
  •  (TRANS/CONF) : initiates a call transfer or establishes a three-party conference call.
  •  (MESSAGE) : provides access to your voice mailbox and flashes to notify you of messages waiting in your voice mailbox.
    Note : The Ring/Message indicator also flashes when messages are waiting.
 5) Keypad Use to dial.
 6) Navigation Page Keys Use to display additional pages of information. The 5330 has two page navigation keys: Back and Next.
 7) Programmable Feature Keys and Softkeys Programmed softkeys for speed dialing and other fixed functions.  For example, you will find a softkey labeled "Helpdesk".  If you press that softkey you dial the Helpdesk automatically.
 8) Handsfree SpeakerProvides sound for Handsfree calls and background music.
 9) HandsetUse for handset calls. If you are in headset or handsfree mode, you do not need to use the handset.

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