Smartsheet - What types of users exist in Smartsheet?

This document will explain the type of users that exist in Smartsheet. In addition, it will explain the functionality difference between licensed and unlicensed users.

Types of Users

Licensed User:

A license is required to do the following:

*If moving rows to another sheet requires the creation of new columns, you must have a license and be shared to the destination sheet with Admin permissions.

Licensed Users can be shared on any amount of sheets, but can only create a certain amount, based on your Smartsheet paid plan type. 

Unlicensed User:

Unlicensed users are part of a Business or Enterprise account but aren't able to create or own sheets. They don't count against the user limit of the account. Unlicensed users can access shared sheets as Viewers (read-only), Editors (edit cell data),  Admins (manage the sheet), and can even re-share them depending on the sharing access level they were assigned.

NOTE: If an unlicensed user is shared to a sheet as an Admin, they won't be able to create and manage forms on the sheet or insert, rename, delete, hide/unhide, move or change the properties of columns. These features are available only to the sheet owner and licensed users with Admin sharing permissions.