Schoology - Adding a WIDS Syllabus in Schoology NEW!!

This article shows you how to include your WIDS created Syllabus in Schoology.

This article assumes that you have already Added or Copied and Submitted a Syllabus in WIDS.

If you have not already done this, and need help review the Add A New Syllabus or Copy A Syllabus Knowledge Base articles.

1. Login into WIDS here
2. On the Home screen click the 3 dots at the end of the syllabus row of the Submitted Syllabus you wish to add in Schoology
3. Choose View/Edit

4. Click on the Copy Link Icon (You will see a The Link is copied message appear)

5. Go to the Course Syllabus and Information folder (Of the Schoology course in question)
6. Choose File/Link/External Tool

7. Choose Link

8. Paste in URL and choose Name

9. Click Add