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Academic Continuity - Adding Instructor Created Videos in Schoology (Zoom and Youtube)

The following document shows you how to use Zoom and Youtube to add Videos into Schoology


You have two options for using Zoom for classroom lectures:

Option 1:  Use Zoom to require your students to connect to a live meeting time using a link you create in Zoom and then post in Schoology.

Here’s How:  
  1.  Look for the Zoom icon on your desktop
  2.  Select the Sign In with SSO option
  3.  Enter your SWTC Email address and continue
  4.  Schedule a Meeting by clicking the Schedule icon
  5.  In the Topic box, put the name of your course
  6.  In the Start and Time boxes, type the first date and time you would like the students to meet
  7.  Check the box next to Recurring meeting.  
  8.  Click the Schedule Button
  9.  The next screen will open in Outlook.  Copy the URL link that starts like this:
  10.  Paste this link into the course in Schoology on the Materials page with the rest of the Template Folders.  In Schoology:
 1.  Add Materials
 2.  Add File/Link/External Tool

 3. Add Link

Option 2:   Use Zoom to record your lectures and place the link in Schoology for your students to watch later.

 Step 1 Create Video in Zoom

  1. Look for the Zoom icon on your desktop
  2. Select the Sign In with SSO option
  3. Enter your SWTC Email address and continue
  4.  Click Meetings at the top of the page
  5.  A personal meeting is automatically created in your account
  6.  Click the Start button to begin
  7.  Options include share screen and record
  8.  Once you are finished recording, select stop recording and then end the meeting
  9.  The video will take a little time to convert
  10.  The file will open when it’s complete

View step by step instructions for using Zoom on the Knowledge base:

Step 2 Upload Video to Youtube and Link recording into Schoology

We recommend that the recording is loaded into YouTube and then add the link to Schoology.  YouTube gives us automatic closed captioning and smoother viewing experience for the student. 
You may load the video into a YouTube account that you already have (make sure the account is set to Unlisted) OR you may also have the IAL staff load it into our YouTube channel. 

Upload your video to Youtube

1.  Click Camera Icon in upper right hand corner  
2.  Choose Upload video
3.  Select File
4.  Locate the Zoom_0 file
5.  In the Title box, change the name of the video and click Next
6.  Click Next again
7.  Set Visibility to Unlisted and click Save
8.  Wait for video to process
9.  Once it’s processed, click the three dots next to the video and choose Get shareable link
10.  The link is now copied to the clipboard

Loading your video into Schoology

1.    Add Materials
2.    Add File/Link/External Tool

3.    Add Link

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