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Schoology - Extending Test/Quiz times for Students with Accomodations

This article will go over the steps required to create Test/Quizzes for students with extended testing time accommodations.

The process for extending time for students with accommodations in Schoology is a multi-part procedure. First Copies of All Test/Quiz items must be saved to your Resources. Second, you must create a new folder (we recommend using “Extended Time”) in the name. Third you must Import the Test/Quiz items into the newly created Folder. Fourth you will have to “Individually Assign” that folder to the accommodations student. Lastly you will have to modify the time allotted in the “Settings Tab” of the Test/Quiz.
Note: You can use this process if you have multiple students in a class with the same extended testing time accommodation requirement.

1. Copy All Test/Quizzes to Resources

a.    Click the Gear behind each Test/Quiz item and choose “Save to Resources
Note: it may be helpful to create a Folder in your resources before hand

2.    Create a New Folder in your class

a.    Use the Add Materials Button to Add Folder

b. Give the Folder a Title (we recommend Extended Quizzes) and choose Create

3.    Import Test/Quiz from Resources

a.    After going into the folder use the Add Materials button to Import From Resources
b.    Find the Quizzes you Saved to Resources in step one and Import them.

4.    Individually Assign the folder

a.    Click the Gear to the right of the folder
b.    Choose Individually Assign

c.    Search for the Student Name and click Next

d.    Click Assign

5.    Modify the time allowed in the Test/Quiz

a.    Click on the name of the Test/Quiz
b.    Click on the Settings Tab
c.    Change the Time Limit (Yes) and Minutes allotted to match the student accommodation.

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