Zoom - Mobile Device Documentation

This guide outlines mobile setup and connectivity for the Zoom application.

1. To connect to Zoom meetings from a mobile device, the Zoom client must be installed on your smartphone or tablet.

2. When joining a Zoom meeting for the first time, you will be prompted to enter your name. When done, select OK. Note: The screens shown below are from an Android device. The iOS configuration is identical.

If Zoom was recently installed and you have not used it on a mobile device before, upon joining a meeting you will be prompted for camera, microphone, and notification access. Select Allow on camera and microphone. You can decide to allow/deny notifications.

After allowing permissions, Zoom will prompt you for an audio connection. Select Call via Device Audio.

3. Once in the meeting, you will see the host's screen (if video is available). The controls on the bottom will allow you to join with audio and video. Additional controls will allow you to share media from your device, view the list of participants, and modify existing Zoom app settings.