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Outlook - Configuring Out of Office Replies

This article will show how to configure automatic out of office replies in Outlook for Windows.
  1. Click the "File" tab on the ribbon.

  2. Click the "Automatic Replies" button located about a third of the way down the page.

    Auto Replies

  3. Select the “Send Automatic Replies” radio button by clicking on it. If desired, you can tick the “Only send during this time range” checkbox and choose a range of times during which you'd like automatic replies to be sent.

    Auto Replies Button

  4. In the text box under the "Inside my Organization" tab, type the message you'd like people with Southwest Tech e-mail addresses to receive.

  5. When finished, click on the “Outside my Organization” tab. If you’d like a different message to go to people outside of Southwest Tech, you can type it into the text box here. Otherwise, you can copy and paste in the message you wrote under “Inside my Organization”.

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