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Charger Tech 360 - Transfer of Ownership

This document goes over the steps and procedures when transferring ownership of a Charger Tech 360 laptop to a student.

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Check the Charger Tech 360 Website for eligibility requirements.

Time-L-32-White.png Before Transferring Ownership

Backup Data

When transferring ownership of a Charger Tech 360 laptop to a student the laptop will have the operating system reset. When the operating system gets reset all software and files will be removed. You must back up any files that you need to a safe location before the transfer of ownership. There will be no way to recover data after this process completes.

You can save files that you would like to keep to:

  • A USB flash or hard drive

  • OneDrive - Your desktop, documents, and pictures folders should be automatically synced to OneDrive but in some cases, you may have been signed out of OneDrive on your laptop so verify all files needed are backed up. You can verify that those files are backed up by visiting and signing in with your student account. Click the menu icon on the top left corner of the page Screenshot of menu button, and then select the OneDrive icon OneDrive  and verify your files. 

  • Cloud Storage Service - Examples include Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Sign the Transfer Agreement

Visit the Charger Tech 360 Portal to review and sign the transfer of ownership agreement. You will need to wait until the transfer agreement has been approved before you can continue.

Time-C-32-White.png Transfer of Ownership Process

When transferring ownership of a Charger Tech 360 laptop to a student the laptop will have the operating system reset. When the operating system gets reset all software and files will be removed.

If you would like to reference these instructions during the reset make sure this website is available on another device.

  1. Visit the Charger Tech 360 Portal, sign in, and complete all the steps. Once you complete Step 4 your device will begin to reset. 

    • If your computer is powered on, and connected to the internet, it will automatically restart and then begin "Resetting the PC".
    • If your computer is powered off, the process should begin the next time you use your computer while it's connected to the internet.

    Note: It may take up to two hours for this process to begin from this deadline. Keep your computer plugged into your charger during this process to avoid an unexpected shutdown.

  2. The initial reset of the computer will take approximately 20 minutes. Please be patient as this happens and then continue the steps below.

  3. Once the computer has been reset, you will be brought to the Windows setup screen. Select your region and then click "Yes".

    Screenshot of Region screen

  4. Select your keyboard layout and then click "Yes".

    Screenshot of Keyboard screen

  5. Add a second keyboard layout or click "Skip" if it's not needed.

    Screenshot of Second Keyboard screen

  6. Connect to your wireless network. If you are plugged into your network with an ethernet cable the computer will automatically connect and skip to the next step.

    Screen of network selection screen

  7. Read through and "Accept" the Windows 10 License Agreement.

    Screenshot of Windows 10 license agreement

  8. Select "Set up for personal use" and then click "Next".

    Screenshot of account set up page

  9. Sign in with a Microsoft account and skip to Step 10. If you don't have an account, click "Create Account" and follow the instructions below.

    Account sign in screenshot

    If you are creating a new account, enter a personal email address and then click "Next". Alternatively, you may set it up with a phone number instead or create a new email address.

    Create account with email screenshot

    Create a password and then click "Next". If you do not wish to receive emails from Microsoft, uncheck "I would like information, tips, and offers about Microsoft products and services".

    Create password screenshot

    Enter your "Country/region" and "Birthdate" information and then click "Next".

    Create account birthday screenshot

  10. Adjust any privacy settings you would like and then click "Accept".

    Screenshot of privacy settings

  11. On the "Use your Android phone from your PC screen", select either "No, thanks" or "Remind me later".

    Screenshot of Android options

  12. On the "Let Cortana help you get things done" screen, select either "Not now" or "Accept".

    Screenshot of Cortana settings

  13. On the "Customize your device" screen select any applicable options and click "Accept" or "Skip".

    Screenshot of the custromize your device screen
  14. You may be prompted to install Windows 11. Install Windows 11 by clicking "Got it" or you can skip the upgrade for now by clicking "Decline upgrade". You will be able to upgrade to Windows 11 at a later time if you decline the upgrade now. If you install Windows 11 it may take a little while to download and install once you reach the desktop.

    Screenshot of Windows 11 upgrade screen

  15. Windows will finish setting up. This process will take a few minutes.

Time-R-32-White.png After Transfer of Ownership

Data Restoration

Once the computer has been reset and the operating system has been reinstalled you can restore your files to the computer.

If you used OneDrive it is recommended that you download that data from and save it to the computer instead of using the OneDrive application. The reason for this is that your student account will eventually be deleted and all services along will no longer function (email, OneDrive, Office). If you do sign into the OneDrive application with your student account, you may find one day that it no longer works because your account was deleted. If you sign up for a OneDrive account with your personal email you may use that instead.


Below is a list of the free software previously installed on your Charger Tech 360 laptop. Other programs and licensed software will no longer be available through Southwest Tech and may require additional purchase.

Office 365

You will need to purchase your own license for Office applications now that you are no longer a student. Microsoft offers an "alumni discount" deal that you can purchase here:


Once the laptop has transferred its ownership you will no longer receive support from Southwest Tech. For repairs and support visit or contact a local computer repair shop.

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