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Microsoft Edge - Ad-blocking (uBlock)

This document goes over the provided ad-blocking software in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

uBlock Logo

An ad-blocking software, called uBlock, is installed automatically in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome on Southwest Tech devices. This software automatically blocks ads on websites that could have otherwise routed you to malware websites. There is no configuration required to use the uBlock as it automatically installs and runs. The uBlock shield icon in the toolbar displays a number with the total amount of items that were blocked on that specific website.

Whitelisting A Website

Occasionally uBlock may block something on a website breaking its functionality. If this happens, you can whitelist individual websites so they no longer have ad-blocking applied to them. If you experience an issue with a website that is used by others on campus please submit a support case so it can be whitelisted for everyone.

  1. While visiting the website you need to be whitelisted, click the uBlock icon in the toolbar.

    uBlock in Microsoft Edge toolbar

  2. In the dropdown, click the blue "power" icon to disable uBlock for the website.

    screenshot of the power button in uBLock

  3. When the website is whitelisted, the power icon will turn gray, and icon in the toolbar will also turn from red to gray. You will need to refresh the page for it to take effect. You can click the "refresh" icon in the window or refresh the website manually.

    screenshot of uBlock with website whitelisted

  4. To reverse the whitelist, click the "power" icon again and it will turn back blue and ad-blocking will be enabled again after a refresh.

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