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AT&T Planned Maintenance impacting SWTC Internet Connection-January 17th into the 18th (10:00PM - 02:00AM)

Posted: 17:09:13, Wednesday, Jan 16, 2019   Expiration: 17:09:13, Friday, Jan 18, 2019  

AT&T has a planned maintenance on January 17th into the 18th (10:00PM - 02:00AM)

FYI-from Internet Service Provider


AT&T has a planned maintenance on January 17th into the 18th (10:00PM - 02:00AM) where AT&T will be doing core work to correct misconfiguration of routing instance name and increase the stability of the Layer 2 Instance.  Customers can expect to be impacted less than 10 minutes per site.


TEACH sites impacted:


STOJAZMWI02          0004A1W-TCH          Adams Friendship High School

STOJAYWWI01          0007A1W-TCH          Albany High School

STOJAO5WI01           0014A1W-TCH          Almond High School

STOJUBNWI02          0018A1W-TCH          Antigo High School

STOJAV2WI01           0026A1W-TCH          Arbor Vitae Woodruff School

STOJA3YWI01           0030B1W-TCH          Argyle High School

STOJBG2WI01           0048B1W-TCH          Bangor High School

STOJYRRWI02           0054A1W-TCH          Barron Senior High School

STOJBFIWI02           0056A1W-TCH          Bayfield High School

STOJPM9WI01           0598A1W-TCH          Beecher-Dunbar-Pembine High School

STOJBVKWI01           0061A1W-TCH          Belleville High School

STOJXXBWI01           0063A1W-TCH          Belmont Schools

STOJCY4WI04           0068A1W-TCH          Benton K-12 School

STOJIWOWI01          0071A1W-TCH          Birchwood High School

STOJOHJWI01           0721A1W-TCH          Black Hawk High School

STOJBBEWI04           0088A1W-TCH          Boscobel High School

STOJBYCWI01           0096A1W-TCH          Boyceville High School

STOJXCJWI01           0098A1W-TCH          Brillion High School

STOJBGHWI01          0109A1W-TCH          Butternut Elem & High School

STOJWMBWI01         0112A1W-TCH          Cambria Friesland Middle/High School

STOJAMGWI01          0114A1W-TCH          Cambridge High School

STOJWZUWI06          0119A1W-TCH          Cassville High School

STOJPKFWI01           1039A1W-TCH          Chequamegon School District - Park Falls Campus

STOJF3CWI01           0251A1W-TCH          Cochrane-Fountain City High School

STOJOEMWI01          0143A1W-TCH          Coleman High School

STOJXKXWI10           1265A1W-TCH          COMAN Elementary School

STOJPNMWI01          0231A1W-TCH          Coop Ed Service Agency 03

STOJWSSWI01          0864A1W-TCH          Coop Ed Service Agency 04

STOJXKXWI02           0625A1W-TCH          Coop Ed Service Agency 05

STOJGTTWI01          0268A1W-TCH          Coop Ed Service Agency 08

STOJTMWWI02         0779A1W-TCH          Coop Ed Service Agency 09

STOJTTKWI01          0784A1W-TCH          Coop Ed Service Agency 11

STOJASXWI02           0033A1W-TCH          Coop Ed Service Agency 12

STOJCQ7WI02          0157A1W-TCH          Crivitz High School

STOJCY4WI01           0161A1W-TCH          Cuba City High School

STOJDGYWI04          0165A1W-TCH          Darlington High School

STOJDFDWI01          0169A1W-TCH          Deerfield Community School District

STOJDFOWI07          0172A1W-TCH          DeForest High School

STOJDFOWI08          1414A1W-TCH          DeForest High School (2nd Circuit)

STOJDDVWI03          0182A1W-TCH           Dodgeville High School

STOJEGAWI01          0206A1W-TCH          Edgar High School

STOJMSNWI33          1030A1W-TCH          Edgewood High School

STOJEZLWI02           0219A1W-TCH          Ellsworth Middle School

STOJEWXWI02          0224A1W-TCH          Elmwood School

STOJBOTWI01          0065A1W-TCH          F J Turner High School

STOJFAZWI01           0230A1W-TCH          Fall River High School

STOJFCEWI02           0240A2W-TCH          Florence High School

STOJFW9WI01          0258A1W-TCH          Frederic School District

STOJGTTWI02          0269A1W-TCH          Gillett High School

STOJTQPWI03          0271A1W-TCH          Gilman Middle/High School

STOJDOIWI01           0275A1W-TCH          Glenwood City High School

STOJGGPWI01          0278A1W-TCH          Goodman-Armstrong Creek High School

STOJGR6WI01          0294B1W-TCH          Green Lake High School

STOJHYRWI04          0314A1W-TCH          Hayward High School

STOJJVLWI06           0343B1W-TCH          Hedberg Public Library

STOJOBBWI02          0317A1W-TCH          Highland High School

STOJHZMWI01          0321A1W-TCH          Holcombe High School

STOJHUYWI01          0328A1W-TCH          Hurley K-12 School

STOJZJTWI01           0330B1W-TCH          Hustisford High School

STOJOG2WI02          0334A1W-TCH          Iola-Scandinavia High School

STOJXQZWI01          0404B1W-TCH          Iowa-Grant High School

STOJRLCWI03           0669A1W-TCH          Ithaca School

STOJPDWWI01          0620A1W-TCH          John Edwards High School

STOJXHCWI01          0348B1W-TCH          Johnson Creek Elementary School

STOJXHCWI03          1320B1W-TCH          Johnson Creek Middle/High School

STOJW3AWI01          0801A1W-TCH          Kettle Moraine School District

STOJLSEWI01           0378A1W-TCH          La Crosse Public Library

STOJXHQWI02          1276A1W-TCH          Lake Mills School District

STOJARVWI01          0505A1W-TCH          Lakeland Union High School

STOJLNUWI02          0400A2W-TCH          Laona High School

STOJHYRWI05          0315A1W-TCH          LCO Community College - Lac Court Oreilles Ojibwa

STOJMWWWI01        0420A1W-TCH          Little Wolf High School

STOJZOKWI03          0569A1W-TCH          Luther High School

STOJMHHWI01          0428A1W-TCH          Marathon High School

STOJMKQWI01          0438A1W-TCH          Markesan High School

STOJMF6WI02          0453A1W-TCH          McFarland High School

STOJZMLWI03          0458A1W-TCH          Mellen Public School

STOJDMCWI03          0469B1W-TCH          Mercer School

STOJARVWI02          0506A1W-TCH          Minocqua J1 School District

STOJIEOWI01           0520A1W-TCH          Monticello High School

STOJMKZWI01          0523A1W-TCH          Mukwonago High School

STOJNXSWI03           0544A1W-TCH          New Glarus School District

STOJNGWWI02         0555A1W-TCH          Niagara High School

STOJMKZWI04          1415A1W-TCH          Norris Academy

STOJDMCWI05          0423A1W-TCH          North Lakeland Elementary

STOJASXWI03           0034B1W-TCH          Northern Waters Library Service

STOJWMGWI01         0508A1W-TCH          Northwood School

STOJW7IWI02          0573A1W-TCH          Brookwood High School

STOJXJVWI03           0566A1W-TCH          Oconto Falls High School

STOJOCQWI02          0563A1W-TCH          Oconto High School

STOJOR9WI05          1086A1W-TCH          Oregon School District Office

STOJOEOWI02          0581B1W-TCH          Osceola High School

STOJMSNWI12          0918A1W-TCH          Our Lady Queen of Peace School

STOJBH4WI02          0579B1W-TCH          Parkview High School

STOJA3YWI05           0081A1W-TCH          Pecatonica Area Schools

STOJPSHWI02           0602A1W-TCH          Peshtigo High/Middle School

STOJEGVWI07          0607A1W-TCH          Phelps High School

STOJDXDWI06          0614A1W-TCH          Plum City High School

STOJPOVWI02          0633A1W-TCH          Poynette High School

STOJPCDWI05          0637A1W-TCH          Prairie du Chien High School

STOJPC5WI02           1314A1W-TCH          Prescott High School New

STOJKZNWI01          0920A1W-TCH          Princeton School District

STOJRNPWI02          0649A1W-TCH          Randolph High School

STOJR88WI01           0672A1W-TCH          Rio Middle/High School

STOJRFWWI05          0678A1W-TCH          River Falls School District

STOJPCDWI08          0597A1W-TCH          River Ridge High School

STOJQSGWI02          0734A1W-TCH          River Valley High School

STOJMUZWI02          0525A1W-TCH          Riverdale High School

STOJJVLWI08           1318A1W-TCH          Rock Prairie Montessori School

STOJSTEWI06           0681A1W-TCH          Rosholt High School

STOJERYWI02           0226A1W-TCH          Royall High School

STOJSPEWI01           0759A1W-TCH          Sacred Hearts School

STOJPS3WI01           0686A1W-TCH          Sauk Prairie District Office

STOJNLDWI03          0705A1W-TCH          School District of Shiocton

STOJXAMWI01          0010A1W-TCH          School District-Alma (Alma HS and Elem)

STOJSWSWI03          1044B1W-TCH          Shawano Middle School

STOJHL8WI01           0703A1W-TCH          Shell Lake High School

STOJHJBWI02           0709A1W-TCH          Shullsburg School District

STOJIREWI02           0711A1W-TCH          Siren School District

STOJWMGWI05         0717B1W-TCH          Solon Springs School

STOJPNMWI04          1239B2W-TCH          Southwest WI Library System

STOJPNMWI03          0233A1W-TCH          Southwest Wisconsin Technical College

STOJCY4WI05           0316A1W-TCH          Southwestern High School

STOJHMMWI02         0303A1W-TCH          St. Croix Central High School

STOJTCOWI03          0740A1W-TCH          St. Croix Falls High School

STOJTFOWI01          0749A1W-TCH          Stratford High School

STOJSGZWI01           0766A1W-TCH          Suring High School

STOJTGRWI02          0776A1W-TCH          Tigerton High School

STOJXWIWI01          0016A1W-TCH          Tomorrow River School District

STOJXESWI04           0390A1W-TCH          Traver School

STOJLNFWI01           0924A1W-TCH          Tri-County High School

STOJTTKWI02          0785A1W-TCH          Turtle Lake High School

STOJTWRWI03          0789A1W-TCH          Two Rivers High School

STOJLNUWI01          0800A1W-TCH          Wabeno Jr-Sr High School

STOJWAWWI01         0926A1W-TCH          Walworth Jt. # 1

STOJWZUWI02          0803A1W-TCH          Washburn High School

STOJZWAWI02          0812B1W-TCH          Waterloo High School

STOJWKWWI03         0823A1W-TCH          Waunakee Community High School

STOJUSUWI02          0844A1W-TCH          Wausaukee Jr Sr High School

STOJBBEWI06           0850A1W-TCH          Wauzeka-Steuben School District

STOJW3SWI02          0852A1W-TCH          Webster High School

STOJWSSWI02          0865B1W-TCH          West Salem High School

STOJWF2WI01          0867A1W-TCH          Westfield High School

STOJWWIWI01         0868A1W-TCH          Weyauwega Fremont School District

STOJJVLWI07           0344A1W-TCH          WI Center for the Blind & Visually Impaired

STOJWWXWI08         0877B1W-TCH          Wild Rose Middle/High School

STOJPKFWI04           0903A1W-TCH          Winter High School

STOJDNEWI02          0912A1W-TCH          Wisconsin Heights High School

STOJWOGWI02         0897A1W-TCH          Wonewoc High School


Thank you.



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