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Schoology - Copying a Course in Schoology (Face to Face Only)

This article shows you how to copy from one course to another. This can be done across sections and semesters. Note this is for Face to Face classes only.

Using the Copy to function in Schoology provides some distinct advantages over Import From Resources. Most notably Dates, Grade Categories, Availability information and Folder color are all maintained during this process.

Note: This process must be done in order to work properly and the Gradebook doesn’t populate until the end of the entire process. (Copy Grading Settings, Copy Materials)

Copy Grade Settings

Go to course with completed Gradebook.
  1. Click Grade Setup
  2. Click the Copy Settings button in the Upper Right Corner
  3. Choose what you wish to copy Scales, Rubrics and/or Categories
  4. Select the Course you wish to copy it to (You must be the Instructor for that course)
  5. Click Copy

Copy Materials

  1. Navigate to the Materials Page (Original Course)
  2. Click the Gear behind each folder
  3. Choose “Copy to Courses”
  4. Select the New Course
  5. Choose Copy Folder
  6. Repeat these steps for all Materials at the highest level of your course

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