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Document Camera - Sharing through the PC (Faculty/Staff)

This document will show faculty and staff how to share the classroom document camera through their computer. This also allows for sharing the document camera image through Zoom.

There are two different types of models document cameras on campus. Please follow the directions for the appropriate model of document camera below by clicking the '+' symbol. 

In Zoom you can share your computer screen, or the programs window, to share the document camera in Zoom. (Zoom - Share your Desktop in a Zoom Meeting)



  1. Make sure the document camera is powered on and then open "Image Mate" from the desktop and start menu.

  2. The software will open two windows. One will be menu window and the other will be the live feed of the document camera. The menu window must remain open for the program to be used but can be minimized. You can maximize the view window for easier viewing.


  3. To restore down to size press "esc" on your keyboard, or click the restore button in the top right.


  4. There are annotation features built in that you may use if you desire. The second button has your drawing options, the third button is an eraser, and the fourth clears the screen.




  1. Open "Easy Interactive Tools" from the desktop or start menu.


  2. Select "Camera" from the list of options or click the camera icon at the top of the screen.


  3. The camera window will open. You can maximize the window for easier viewing.


  4. If you minimize the camera window, you will need to restore from the small window in the bottom left of the screen.


  5. There are annotation tools on the right panel. If you want to hide the right panel click the collapse icon in the bottom right corner of the right panel.


  6. Close out of the software completely, by clicking the 'X' on the top of screen, to get rid of the panels on the sides and top of the screen.


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