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Zoom - Closed Captions for Meetings

This document will show you how to enable closed captions for your Zoom meeting.
Note: Zoom's automated closed captions do not meet the requirements for captions as an accommodation. If your video is being recorded for re-use, you will still need to submit the video to the IAL for captioning. Please see Creating and submitting an Instructional Video for Closed Captioning for instructions.

Enabling Closed Captions in a Meeting (Host)

  1. When you are hosting a meeting, click the "Show Captions" button, then click “Save” on the pop-up box.

    Screenshot on enabling closed captions

  2. Transcriptions will begin being generated. Audio from both the host, and participants, will be transcribed.

    Screenshot of captions example

Closed Captioning Settings (Participants)

When Closed Captions are turned on by the host, participants will have "Show Captions" button.

Screenshot of show captions button

Participants can:

  • Caption Language - Change the language of the closed captions
  • View Full Transcript - Shows a transcript of all the captions throughout the meeting with their timestamp.
  • Caption Settings - Brings up the settings menu where the closed caption text size can be adjusted.

Screenshot of captions menu

Share Closed Captions

Meetings recorded to the cloud can have their transcripts shared with others.

  1. Find and select your recording from the Zoom web portal.

  2. You can either share the recording, which will overlay the closed captions on top of the video, or you can share the captions file only.

    Share Recording

    If you would like to share your meeting click the "Copy shareable link" button. This will copy the link and password to your clipboard which can then be pasted into an email, Schoology, etc.

    When sharing the video, the viewer will be able to download the video, audio only, and captions by clicking "Download" in the top right corner.

    Screenshot of sharing meeting

    Share Captions Only

    If you would like to share the captions only, hover over "Closed Caption" below the recording and then select the "share" icon. This will copy the link and password to your clipboard which can then be pasted into an email, Schoology, etc. This will download "vtt" file containing the captions.

    Screenshot of sharing captions


  • Closed captioning may not work for users on a Chromebook.
  • Ask your students if they can see the closed captions. For some computers/devices, it turns on automatically for the participants, but on others, the student still needs to click the “CC Closed Caption”.
  • Adjust your camera to allow space for the captions at the bottom. Your mouth should not be covered by the caption box. Your student’s screen may look different than yours, so please ask if they can see your entire face and the captions.
  • Participants can click their “CC” button and “Subtitle settings” to change the size of the subtitles/captions on their screen.
  • Participants may be able to “View Full Transcript”, which will show the transcript in the side panel. This screen may disappear when the host is sharing their screen if it goes into full screen and is not even available on some devices. A pop-up version can be reopened when in full screen mode. This feature is extremely helpful for students to see the name of the speaker with the captions and shows more captions at once.
  • Only have one participant unmuted and speaking at a time.
  • The captions are NOT available yet in breakout rooms.
  • The sound and captions will be better quality when you use a headset/earbud with microphone plugged into your computer.
  • Watch the captions on your screen so you can monitor your own clarity of speech for accurate captioning.

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