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MFA - FIDO2 USB Security Key Pin Reset

This document explains how to reset the PIN on a Hyperfido Pro USB Key.

How to reset the PIN on your Hyper FIDO USB security key.

Log into your computer or laptop and insert your USB Security Key into a USB port.  Click the start button in the bottom left corner of your desktop, type Sign-in Options, then click Sign-in Options under best match.

Click Security Key and then click Manage.

You now have two options.

  • Option 1 - Change the PIN on you security key.  You must know your current PIN to complete these steps. Click Change and then follow the Option 1 instructions below.
  • Option 2 - Reset your security key.  This factory resets your USB key if you have forgotten your PIN.  Click Reset and then follow the Option 2 instructions below.

Option 1 - Change your security PIN

Enter your current security PIN and then enter a new security PIN twice.  The security PIN must consist of at least 4 numbers.  Select OK.  You have now successfully reset your PIN and do not need to move on to option 2.  

Option 2 - Factory rest your Security Key.

Use this option if you do not remember the PIN on your USB Security Key.

Press the button on your Security Key.  It will be flashing green.

Click Proceed to reset your security key.

You may be asked to reinsert your security key.  Unplug the security key from your laptop or computer and the reinsert it.

You will now be asked to press the button on your security key twice to confirm the reset.  Press the button 2 times with 10 seconds.

You have successfully reset you USB security key.  Click Done.  You will now need to follow these instruction to set up your security key to work with MFA.  MFA - FIDO2 USB Key Setup ( 

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