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Account - Network Drives (Staff/Faculty)

This document goes over the different network drives available to staff and faculty.

Why Should I Save Files to Network Drives?

    The benefits of saving files to network drives are that the files are backed up and accessible from any computer.  When you save a file directly to your computer (Desktop, Documents, etc.) that file only exists on that computer.  If your computer was to have a hardware failure, a virus, or you accidentally deleted the file then that data may be lost and irrecoverable.  Saving files to your network drives ensures your data's safety and allows you the flexibility to access the files from any campus computer.

    Network Drives Available

    There are 4 network drives that are available for all users.  You may have additional drives besides the ones listed below depending on your role at Southwest Tech.
     H: The H: drive is your personal drive that only you have access to.  It is recommended that you save all your personal files to this drive instead of your computer.  Saving files here will make them available at any campus computer you log into.  If you save files to your Desktop or My Documents folder on your computer then they are only accessible on that computer, and if there was a hardware failure your files may be lost forever.
     I: The I: drive consists of different shared department drives.  Your role at Southwest Tech will determine how many folders you have available in this drive.
     J: The J: drive is accessible by students.  Instructors can share files with their students through this drive if they choose to do so.
     N: The N: drive is for campus reports.

    Accessing your Network Drives

    1. Open up the "File Explorer" in the taskbar.

      screenshot of taskbar

    2. Click "This PC" in the quick access settings on the left.

      screenshot of quick access

    3. You will see a list of the network drives.  Double click on the network drive you want to view.

      screenshot of network drives

    Network Drives Not Showing Up?

    • Occasionally the network drives may not map correctly when log into the computer.  If this happens, try logging out of the computer and then log back in to see if they show up.

    • If you are connected to the VPN, you will need to reconnect to the network drives to be able to access them. Double click on the “SWTC-logon” script on your desktop to reconnect the drives.  Nothing will show up on your screen when you double click on the SWTC-logon script.  To verify it worked, make sure you can access your network drives.

      Note - Only computers with the VPN installed will have this icons on their desktop.
      screenshot of logon script

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